April 21, 2023 Brethren Letter

Dear Brethren,

When I was a senior in high-school, I had a teacher who was well-known for being an avid reader of the newspaper and a man who was extremely knowledgeable about the world’s current events. He was the only teacher I ever had who asked my parents at the beginning of the school year if their son liked to read the newspaper. Today, most people get their news via the internet or by watching cable news. However, back in the early 1970’s, there were only three major networks with very limited news programing. The more “in-depth” news source was primarily found in the local newspaper.

The teacher I am speaking of taught a class named, “Americanism Verses Communism.” It was a course every high-school senior was required to take in order to graduate. Probably, most of the students didn’t have much interest in the newspaper prior to his class, but once they were in his class, their interest rose dramatically! Why? Because on Fridays, there would be a QUIZ concerning the week’s news. If you didn’t read the newspaper, you couldn’t pass the quiz. It was that simple! An answer such as, “I don’t keep up with world events!” was not acceptable.

If a student failed the class, that meant they couldn’t graduate! We learned very quickly that when we were asked to write an essay about a news item, the teacher not only wanted an OPINION on the topic, but, he wanted us to defend our beliefs with facts, facts that would support our conclusion. There was no vacillating on a topic. You couldn’t be “wishy-washy” about reaching a conclusion. He taught his students to STAND-UP for what they believed, and to back-up those beliefs with every single fact they could find! The only other option a student had was to receive a low grade on the weekly quiz. Frankly, he was one of the best and most memorable teachers I ever had!

We in the Church of God DO keep up with world events, not to pass a weekly quiz, but to have a better understanding of where we are time-wise in prophecy. “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21:36).

I was reading a “Brethren, Co-Worker” letter that Mr. Armstrong wrote in 1985. I will share some excerpts of that letter this evening, in connection with our “watching,” in light of Bible prophecy…

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ:

You are helping fulfill Bible prophecy. As Winston Churchill said before the U.S. Congress during World War II, a PURPOSE is being worked out here below. The events working out that purpose of God are recorded in the history of the past and the prophecy of the present and future, in the Bible.

Jesus told you and me to WATCH these world events.

Where are we right now in this sequence of events? We are

comparatively near the Second Coming of Jesus Christ — near the end of this civilization as we know it — near to the peaceful world tomorrow. … nuclear weapons of mass destruction have been produced that can blast every human life out of existence.

Then what next? Verse 21 of Matthew 24: a time of violence and great destruction such as never before or after, and except God intervenes to cut it short, not a single human being would be left alive — but for the elect’s sake — meaning you and me — God will intervene supernaturally and cut it short (verse 22). Then what? Immediately (verse 29), there will be supernatural frightening signs in the sky above, and then those left alive shall SEE Jesus Christ coming in supreme power and glory to take over the throne of the earth and rule.

… The prophecy of Daniel 2:44 … shows the 10 toes representing these 10 nations as five in Eastern and five in Western Europe. Apparently they must come together before the prophecy of Revelation 17 and Daniel 2:44 can be fulfilled. The stone cut without hands (verse 34) represents Christ returning as King of kings to set up the Kingdom of God on earth.

… Brethren, I have not been using these prophecies in vain. The united Europe must and will come. YOU and I are involved — DEEPLY! God’s Church must first be made ready for Christ’s coming. I call on you in Jesus’ name to pray as never before that God’s Church will heed and draw closer to him.

Brethren, we cannot afford to fall asleep at the switch, becoming unaware of events in the world around us. Even though some events did not go as quickly as Mr. Armstrong thought they would, it doesn’t negate the reality of revealed Biblical prophecy. Christ will return to this earth, and the bride (the Church), will have made herself ready (Revelation 19:7). The “BRIDE” will

have been WATCHING and PRAYING prior to the return of Jesus Christ! His BRIDE will not be blind-sided!

Have a wonderful Sabbath, everyone!

Your Brother in Christ,

Gary Liebold

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