February 12, 2016 Brethren Letter

Dear Brethren,

Tonight, I was reading a “Personal from the Editor” written by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong in 1969. While reading, I began to think, “It’s almost like Mr. Armstrong wrote this article yesterday, rather than many decades ago.” Brethren, the problems facing today’s society continue to mount, and only God’s Government can solve them!

Below, is a condensed version of Mr. Armstrong’s article. Please have a wonderful Sabbath.

Sincerely, Your Brother in Christ,

Gary Liebold


The Plain Truth

Personal from the Editor

March, 1969

WHY are people — especially in the United States and Britain — so BLIND? WHY so naïve?

     WHY are our people unable to recognize the Communist line — the Communist plan and conspiracy — in college and university riots, in propaganda accusing “police brutality … and other slogans, even in “civil disobedience” and “non-violent” movements of protest which lead to VIOLENCE?

     …A Los Angeles news broadcaster, George Putnam, said to be the highest-paid news reporter on television, has been giving a series of brief and to-the-point TV editorials, pulling no punches, pinning the responsibility where it belongs.

     And recently, Governor Ronald Reagan of California spoke out publicly. He declared student violence is designed “to create launching pads for insurrection against the social order” and to achieve by force what cannot be accomplished at the ballot box.

     Governor Reagan said truthfully that leaders of campus revolts are not seeking educational reform. They intend their takeover to extend to the governments of nations — the entire social system. With them it is part of “THE REVOLUTION.”

     The guiding hand in student revolt is the Communist Party.

Many students, their emotions stirred and enraged to violence, do not themselves realize this. Yet, actually, these young leaders of the “NEW LEFT” movement are going BEYOND the Communist Party.

Their plan is to stir up college-age students to revolt first, and the teen-age high school adolescents. If they can corrupt and/or win over tomorrow’s students, they will gain control.

…WHY does all the sympathy of our gullible, naïve people seem always to go to the ENEMY of the country — or, in individual crime, to the criminal instead of to the innocent victims?

     After many of last summer’s campus riots, in many countries in Europe as well as in the United States, I reported in this column a secret meeting held by student agitators at London School of Economics. The press was barred from the meeting. But our PLAIN TRUTH representatives were there. It was a “speak in” on how to overthrow the government, starting with student revolt and campus violence. British students there were taught to seize on any reason — whether passive or real — and stir up emotional anger against it, whipping resentment into the fervor of violent actions.

     But the BIG POINT of the whole situation is this. There happens to be a fertile soil, in which these agitators could plant their seeds of discontent, resentment, anger and hate, or they could not have mounted force into all these riots on hundreds of campuses in more than 20 different countries.

     If there were not something WRONG — and criminally wrong — in modern education, these agitators could not succeed.

     …I am not going to attempt to tell the Presidents and Chancellors of other universities how to put out these fires of rioting on their campuses. But I can tell our readers WHY this sort of thing just does not occur on the three campuses of Ambassador College.

      Education, generally, is interested only in intellectual standards and in materialistic knowledge. It is not concerned with such things as a moral standard, character building, personality development. The MOST IMPORTANT and BASIC knowledge is not taught — the real meaning and the purpose of life — the discernment of the TRUE VALUES, not the false — THE WAY to peace, happiness, abundant well-being in life.

     The universities today, in general, teach the professions, sciences and technology, and business techniques. That is, they teach students how to earn a living but not HOW TO LIVE.

     What, after all, is the real crux point of ALL the world’s troubles?

     The solutions can come only by world government, education, and most important of all, a CHANGE in human nature. But not a Communist or Soviet-style world government. Not just ANY world government. And not by decadent education — but a RIGHT and TRUE education which must be based on a right knowledge of the real meaning and PURPOSE of life, the discernment of the TRUE values — and THE WAY to peace and universal well-being.

     Look how far afield we are from a peaceful, happy, prosperous, joyful world!     

     …And, so far as education goes, the established traditional system of today develops the machine and neglects the man. It has forsaken the true values of life. It is not concerned with moral or spiritual values, or right WAYS to live. The facts about student suicides testify to the disillusionment and state of frustration being experienced by students, staring a hopeless future in the face. The TRUE knowledge, the IMPORTANT knowledge is simply MISSING from modern education.

     Isn’t it, after all, a travesty on good sense and understanding that “educated man today is generally agnostic about the existence of his Maker? That he doesn’t know what he, himself, IS? And doesn’t know WHY he is — or of any meaning or purpose in his being? And he doesn’t know THE WAY to peace, between individuals or between nations? That the supposedly “most successful” have full bank accounts but empty lives? That even the greatest minds do not know what makes the real difference between their highly intelligent minds and the stupid animal brain? Do not know life’s real goal or how to achieve it? Do not really comprehend what human nature is — or WHY it is?

     Would it be IGNORANT to know and understand these things?

     Apparently many of the most highly educated assume it would be.

     The world is full of problems, troubles, crying out for answers — for solutions! … Science does not have the answers. Education most positively does not possess or disseminate them. Religion is a blank — it does not have them either. Government has no answers — leaves in its wake a history of war, not peace — taking FROM the people while posing as public benefactors, promising to GIVE. We have looked to psychologists, sociologists and their ilk. They have no solutions. The business field of commerce and industry are concerned with raking in profits, not solving world problems.

     Is humanity left helpless and hopeless, in a bad state of despair with no chance of rescue?

     The answer is no. The answers are available. They are not in “religion” — they are to be found in the BOOK that religion (the Western world of Christianity) professes as its source — but not in the few and scattered portions it customarily quotes. No wonder Bruce Barton actually called it the book nobody knows.

     The learned scholars of the world, the scientists, educators, philosophers in general refuse to look there for the answers. And the answers are not to be found anywhere else.

     So what? Are we, then, left without hope? No indeed. Our Maker revealed (in His Instruction Book to a mankind which refuses the instruction) that HE Himself — by a supernatural power and force which the learned of humanity believe to be nonexistent — will VERY SOON, now, intervene directly in human affairs, and solve our problems FOR US!…

     Not with human help and co-operation — but IN SPITE OF IT!

     The Ever-living Creator — RULER over this endless universe — is soon going to FORCE stubborn, rebellious mankind, against his will, to be HAPPY to be at PEACE — to be universally prosperous to learn how to live abundantly, joyfully. Now of course some very few will likely scornfully, scoffingly, say this is no hope at all. They won’t believe it. That is the very reason their Maker is going to DO IT TO THEM, in spite of their lack of any faith in Him.

     And, in TOMORROW’S WORLD, under His divine rule, all rebellion will be put down. There will be a truly beneficent, efficient World Government at last. There will be worldwide RIGHT EDUCATION. …gradually, as fast as humans come to good reason and sense and right understanding, and submit willingly, HUMAN NATURE WILL BE CHANGED!

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