March 11, 2016 Brethren Letter

Dear Brethren,

Tonight, a political rally in Chicago was called off due to potential violence among protestors. That’s the main subject of every news source I read tonight. Here are three of the headlines:

  • Protesters Clash After Chicago Rally Postponed
  • Rally Called Off for Safety Reasons Amid Chaos
  • Violence Erupts at Chicago Campaign Event

Brethren, the problems we face in this world are far greater than just one city. I read a comment earlier by a young person who has started to become nervous about what is happening in our nation. He also wrote, “Calm down, everyone.” Another person stated how today’s colleges have failed to teach its students respect for everyone’s right of free speech. Well, again the problems we face in our nation are far deeper than free speech, one city, or a political rally. Here’s God’s perspective about what we’re seeing today, as written in the book of Isaiah:

(4) “How horrible it will be for a nation that sins. {Its} people are loaded down with guilt. They are descendants of evildoers and destructive children. They have abandoned the LORD. They have despised the Holy One of Israel. They have turned their backs on him.

(5) “Why do you still want to be beaten? Why do you continue to rebel? Your whole head is infected. Your whole heart is failing.

(6) From the bottom of your feet to the top of your head there is no healthy spot left on your {body}— only bruises, sores, and fresh wounds. They haven’t been cleansed, bandaged, or soothed with oil. (Isaiah 1:4-6 – God’s Word Translation)

Those words tell it like it is from God’s perspective. Tonight, I’ll also include a portion of an article written in the Plain Truth magazine by Mr. Armstrong, in 1968. The problems he discusses are not new to man, but they certainly have increased significantly over the last five decades. We’re now at a boiling point! Here’s Mr. Armstrong’s article:

Please have a good Sabbath everyone!

Sincerely, Your Brother in Christ,

Gary Liebold




August 30, 1968

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

I’ve been telling you how FAST things are moving toward WORLD COLLAPSE — toward the very END of this man-made Society — the very END of all this CONFUSION of MAN-PLANNED GOVERNMENT over the nations of the earth.

Both the Republican and Democratic national Conventions have been Political leaders of both parties prior to these conventions were eagerly scanning the polls of voter opinion — not only to see whether they personally could win — but also to see WHAT STAND WOULD WIN THE VOTES. They were for whatever issue they thought would get them VOTES. As one Network Commentator said, these men are not trying to really serve the PEOPLE — they are out to serve their own personal self-interest!


Not one who has the wisdom — the vision — the UNDERSTANDING — to see clearly WHAT’S WRONG, with the KNOW-HOW to SOLVE the problems, and END the troubles — and with the COURAGE and INTESTINAL FORTITUDE to SPEAK OUT, and LEAD the people in the way the people ought to be led — whether the people liked it or not!

No, these HUMAN candidates, fighting for political POWER for themselves, are like the man who was visiting another man in a big city. Suddenly there came the sound of a multitude of shouting voices. The men looked out the window. Thousands were marching by.

“Oh,” exclaimed the visitor, “those are MY PEOPLE. I am their LEADER — I must run and FOLLOW THEM!”

Today the would-be leaders of the nations are like the preacher who came to me in 1936, in Oregon. “Do you know of a vacant pastorate anywhere in this county?” he asked. “I’ve just married a woman. She is well-to-do financially, but she insists I’ve got to get out and get a Job and support her. She doesn’t want us to live on her money. I’ve got to get a job preaching, somewhere.”

“Why, yes,” I replied, “I know of one vacant pulpit in this county. But that wouldn’t do you any good. That is in a Christian Church, and you’re a Methodist — and they would never stand for Methodist doctrines.”

“Oh, that won’t make any difference,” he said eagerly. “Tell me where it is. I’ll be willing to preach whatever they tell me.”

Co-Workers, one reason THIS is the VERY WORK OF THE LIVING GOD, headed, guided, and blessed by the living Jesus Christ, is that ever since He called me out of business in the advertising profession and literally THRUST me into His ministry, I HAVE NEVER BEEN WILLING TO COMPROMISE A FRACTION OF AN INCH ON THE WORD OF GOD! I have been threatened UNLESS I would do and preach what MEN told me, contrary to the Bible. I gave up the salary I was once receiving, in earliest days of my ministry, rather than preach or act contrary to God’s Instruction Book. That was in 1933, in the very depth of the depression. We had nothing. I had no automobile. I had only one suit of clothes, one pair of shoes, being worn out WALKING over rocky graveled country roads to a one-room country schoolhouse to preach. I said GOD has promised to supply all my need. I am working for HIM — serving HIM, not people. From henceforth, I said, and my wife agreed with me, we would RELY SOLELY ON GOD! That’s the only way we could be FREE to SERVE HIM FAITHFULLY!

This world is today FILLED WITH VIOLENCE — CRIME — IMMORALITY — SELFISHNESS — GREED. Under our system of HUMAN GOVERNMENT, swayed by lust for POWER, VANITY and greed, we have nothing but PROBLEMS and TROUBLES, and NO SOLUTIONS!

That is WHY the living CHRIST is going to come down to this earth VERY SOON, in all the POWER and GLORY of the Almighty GOD, and take the rule from MEN. In the Almighty POWER of GOD He will rule ALL NATIONS — to bring us to WORLD PEACE, universal PROSPERITY, vigorous health for everybody, and HAPPINESS in great ABUNDANCE!

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