November 11, 2016 Brethren Letter

Dear Brethren,

Yesterday, I was talking with a man who suddenly began to express his displeasure with the results of last Tuesday’s presidential election. It seemed the more he talked, the more worked-up and angry he became. Eventually, I got him onto another subject, and then he began to calm down.

We live in a world that’s filled with wrong emotions, such as jealousy, uncontrolled anger and pride, to name a few. As men and women of God, we should be displaying the very HIGHEST standards of emotional maturity in our lives as evidenced by the Holy Spirit of God (Galatians 5:22-23).

Tonight, I will add a few excerpts from the Tomorrow’s World magazine, “Personal from the Editor”, December, 1971. Mr. Armstrong discusses the right attitude and mindset we should have with God’s Holy Spirit.

Please have a wonderful Sabbath!

Your Brother in Christ,

Gary Liebold


The Good News of Tomorrow’s World

Personal from the Editor (Herbert W. Armstrong)

December, 1971

      If the Spirit of God is IN you, you will be plain and simple, you will put on no airs. There will be no posing, as most people do in the world. You will be natural, and not pretending. You will be honest and frank and unaffected, clean in mind and in body. You will be humble. There won’t be SELF-confidence. There will be FAITH IN GOD, instead.

     You will be humble, but you will have THE FAITH and THE POWER OF GOD, whose power is unlimited. You will be strong through this faith of God.

     There will be no weakness, but great strength. You will have wisdom, and you will have courage. You will have everything, every resource you need.

     You will be ready always to say, “I don’t know,” if it be so. You will be ready, always, to admit error when it is so proved, to confess wrong and to CHANGE to what is right, wherever you are wrong. You will be ready to accept correction and reproof, and to act upon it, no matter how humiliating or painful. You will diligently study to learn the right way and to live it, and you will study the Bible to find it. You will face every obstacle that comes along — every difficulty, every problem and trouble — unafraid, in the full faith of God, looking to Him for wisdom and knowing that He will guide you and deliver you out of it.

The Attitude of a Christian 

     Here is the kind of attitude you will have. You will wish others to live their lives, too, up to their highest, their fullest, their best. You will be concerned for their welfare.

     You’ll try to help others every way you can, never to hurt or to injure. You will never meddle. You will never dictate, interfere, or give unwanted advice, or speak ill of, nor gossip about others. Never will you go around griping, complaining, and murmuring that things make you and others unhappy.

     You will always be willing to help others by giving them a chance, and mainly you can help others by helping them to help themselves, by encouragement, by setting a good example, by thus inspiring and uplifting others, GIVING ADVICE ONLY WHEN IT’S WELCOMED, and when they want it and are willing to open their minds and to receive it.

     You will HEW TO THE LINE of the one supreme goal of life which should be to inherit the Kingdom of God, to be really born of God into the very family of God. You will be relentlessly pursuing this goal with zeal, with enthusiasm, with drive and with energy fired by Godly ambition, with hope, with faith, living by every Word of God. THE BIBLE WILL BE THE AUTHORITY that you OBEY, the authority that you look to for everything in your life.

     You will be overcoming your own human nature and the world, resisting Satan, drawing nearer to God by constant daily Bible study and by prayer, and by occasional fasting and prayer.

     THAT is the Christian life. It’s the HAPPY, the ABUNDANT LIFE.

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