October 15, 2021 Brethren Letter

Dear Brethren,

If I asked you the question (in connection with the Church)… “Have you read M-O-A?”, would you know what I was asking? I would hope every adult in the Church of God, Scattered Faithful, would know exactly what I was referring to. “M-O-A” (an abbreviation commonly used in the Church), refers to the book, Mystery of the Ages, written by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. Here is how Mr. Armstrong felt about the publishing of Mystery of The Ages, as shown in a “brethren letter” he wrote, just prior to the book’s release…

Since last December I have been working diligently on the largest and most important book of my life. In real fact I feel I myself did not write it. Rather, I believe God used me in writing it. I candidly feel it may be the most important book since the Bible. It is named MYSTERY OF THE AGES.

Mr. Armstrong felt that “MOA”, may have been the most important book written since the Bible! I ask you, when is the last time YOU sat down to read Mystery of the Ages? If you haven’t read it in a while, I encourage you to read it again, and truly understand why God led Mr. Armstrong to write it in the first place!

There are two paragraphs from Mystery of the Ages (MOA), I’ll quote tonight in my letter. The chapter I am quoting from is entitled, “Mystery of the Church.” Here are excerpts from page 227, under the subheading, “Once Again: Why the Church?”

Never lose sight of the setting that led up to the raising up of the Church. Keep in mind WHO and WHAT God is — the divine creating family, now reproducing himself in man.

Bear in mind further: In order for Christ to RESTORE God’s government over the earth, he would need with and under him a qualified and organized personnel of GOD BEINGS all having rejected Satan’s false way and having proved their loyalty to the government and righteous ways of GOD!

God’s CHURCH was designed in his supreme master plan to prepare that dedicated and organized personnel of GOD BEINGS. The Church, then, became God’s instrumentality for aiding him in bringing about the salvation to humanity.

Sadly, multiple thousands of people who were once part of the Church of God have lost sight of the BIG picture and what God has promised. However, as the scriptures shows us, there are still brethren who remain loyal and faithful (Revelation 3:7-13; 17:14). Those dedicated people deeply love God’s TRUTH and will steadfastly REFUSE to let the TRUTH of God fall by the wayside (II John 1:4; III John 1:4). We also see in the book of Malachi, that there are people who remain as a “special treasure” to God.

“Then they that feared the ETERNAL spoke often one to another: and the ETERNAL hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for them that feared the ETERNAL, and that thought upon His name.

And they shall be mine, says the ETERNAL of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels [special treasure]; and I will spare them, as a man spares his own son that serves him” (Malachi 3:16-17).

God actually views these loyal and faithful people as “jewels,” meaning a special treasure. Matthew 16:27 shows the following… “For the Son of man shall come in the glory of His Father with His angels; and then He shall reward every man according to his works [deeds].”

Brethren, there are serious problems happening in this world; the likes of which I’ve never experienced in my own personal lifetime. Perhaps some of you were alive during the GREAT Depression and the time of World War II. You may recall the hardships that existed during that time in history. History usually ends up repeating itself. Not only is America now headed for economic disaster once again, but nations within Europe are at serious risk with their own “economic crisis points.”

On a personal level, the frequency and intensity of personal trials for God’s people have increased significantly over the past months. Please don’t lose heart (I Peter 4:12-13). God is real and so are His promises. He will absolutely NEVER forsake us (Hebrews 13:5-6)!

Brethren, I truly feel we have a responsibility to Christ to give of ourselves and serve the scattered faithful of God, wherever they are. I fully believe it is my responsibility as an elder, to help get the Church ready, spiritually.

Soon, I will be announcing some very exciting ways with which we will begin serving the many SCATTERED members of God’s Church (a spiritual organism). Sadly, there are various members out there who have been spiritually abused by false “shepherds.” They have had ministers who were absolute hypocrites, speaking out of “both sides” of their mouths. Some of the elders were even political “respecters of persons,” something that should NEVER be in God’s Church! However, in spite of it all, these same members have sought to remain LOYAL and FAITHFUL to GOD!

For those of you who know me, you know I don’t just SAY the words, “I support Mr. Armstrong and ALL that he taught.” I LIVE IT in my life! If I ever learned I was teaching something differently than God’s apostle (Mr. Armstrong), I would humbly change it immediately! If I am not fully in-line with God’s Government, God simply cannot use me!

Your prayers are so important for what is being planned to serve God’s scattered and faithful people! We have a big responsibility ahead of us!

Have a wonderful Sabbath, everyone!!

Sincerely, Your Brother in Christ,

Gary Liebold

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