Commandments, Law, Obedience

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Keep the Commandments

Matthew 19:16-18Matthew 5:17-20Ecclesiastes 12:13Acts 5:29, 32Revelation 12:17Revelation 14:12Luke 6:46Matthew 22:37-39Matthew 28:18-20John 13:34-36Romans 6:16John 15:14, 21John 15:10Romans 3:31Romans 13:8I Peter 1:16I John 2:3-6I John 3:22I John 5:2-3II John 5-6I Corinthians 7:19James 2:8-12James 1:22-23Leviticus 22:31Psalm 103:18Psalm 111:10Psalm 122:1Ezekiel 37:24Romans 6:1-2Luke 1:16I Samuel 15:24I John 3:4

Results When Kept

Romans 13:10Romans 10:5Psalm 119:172John 15:10Psalm 111:10Deuteronomy 11:27-28Leviticus 26Deuteronomy 28

Results When Not Kept

Hebrews 10:26-31Romans 6:23Galatians 6:7Psalm 89:31-32Leviticus 26Deuteronomy 28


Romans 7:7Romans 3:20


Romans 7:12-13Psalm 119James 1:25I Timothy 1:5-6

Christ to Magnify

Isaiah 42:21Matthew 5:17-20Romans 10:2-4

In Our Hearts

Hebrews 8:10Hebrews 10:16Jeremiah 31:33

Before Moses

Romans 5:12-13Romans 4:15Romans 3:2Genesis 2:16Genesis 4:7Genesis 6:1-3, 5Genesis 20:1-9Genesis 26:5Genesis 39:7Genesis 35:1-4Exodus 16Leviticus 16:5, 21, 27

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