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What is?

Revelation 20:1-9Revelation 11:15-19

On Earth

Revelation 5:10Revelation 5:5Revelation 2:26-27Daniel 2:34-35, 44Jeremiah 23:5Jeremiah 33:17Luke 1:30-33Luke 22:30Zechariah 14Revelation 20:7-9Jeremiah 3:17Daniel 7:27Isaiah 2:2-3Micah 4:1-2, 7

Whole World to be Converted

Isaiah 49:8II Corinthians 6:2Romans 11:25-26Isaiah 2:3Isaiah 11:11-12Joel 2

Government Christ will Rule

Isaiah 11:4-5, 10-12Revelation 11:15-19Psalm 2:7-9Revelation 2:27Micah 4:7Isaiah 40:10-11

Saints with Him

Revelation 20:4-6Revelation 2:26-27Revelation 3:21Revelation 5:10Revelation 1:6Zechariah 14:5Daniel 7:13-14, 18, 22I Corinthians 6:2Isaiah 30:20-21Luke 19:17-19Luke 22:30Isaiah 32:1Proverbs 29:2

Knowledge of God

Isaiah 11:9Micah 4:1-2Isaiah 2:1-2Isaiah 25:8Zechariah 14Isaiah 30:20-21Habakkuk 2:14


Amos 9:13-14Isaiah 35Hosea 2:22Isaiah 30:23-24Isaiah 27:6Isaiah 32:14-16


Isaiah 25:8Isaiah 35:10Zechariah 8


Micah 4:3-7Isaiah 2:4Ezekiel 21:25-26Isaiah 32:18Zechariah 8

Tame Animals

Isaiah 11:6-9Isaiah 35:9Hosea 2:18

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