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Who or What is the Prophetic Beast?

Bible prophecy reveals events of our time and world-shaking events soon to change your life. A major world-shaking event is foretold in the symbolic language of a mysterious world-dominating wild beast. The …

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Why Marriage Soon Obsolete?

Is marriage on the way out? Is adultery still wrong? Is the institution of the home, with its family life, to disappear from society? How and when did the institution of marriage …

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Why Were You Born?

Is there any PURPOSE for human life? Does life, after all, have real MEANING YOU have never realized? You need to know! WAS HUMANITY created and put here on the earth by …

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World Peace: How It Will Come

I travel to all parts of the world as an ambassador (without political portfolio) for world peace. I discuss world problems, evils and world peace with many heads of governments — kings, …

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Your Awesome Future: How Religion Deceives You

It’s positively astounding! It has remained undiscovered by science. Higher education has never taught it. And organized religion has withheld it. How? By suppressing the real gospel message Christ brought from heaven …

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