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Human Nature: Did God Create It?

Here is a bombshell of truth almost no one has understood. The world’s evils are attributed to human nature. But are babies born with this selfish, evil nature? I OVERHEARD one say: Just look at that beautiful, sweet little baby — and to think it’s filled with all that evil, …

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Is All Animal Flesh Good Food?

Were all animals made clean? What about the unclean animals shown to Peter in a vision? Here is a straightforward Bible answer, giving the New Testament teaching. This subject is important to your health and well-being! AFTER THOUSANDS of years of human experience on earth, it seems there still is …

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Just What Do You Mean… Born Again?

Don’t be too sure you know! Many professing Christians sincerely believe they have been “born again”—but do not understand what Jesus meant by those words. The true answer is not only surprising—it is startling!—the most important truth you can know, here made so plain you will understand!

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Just What Do You Mean… Conversion?

How many times have you heard non-Christians, judging one who professes Christ, say in disgust: “Well if that’s Christianity, I don’t want any of it!” How many judge GOD by the way professing Christians live? How many assume that one must live a perfect life, before he can become a …

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Just What Do You Mean… Kingdom of God?

Is it the CHURCH? Is it something “set up in the hearts of men”? Is it the British Empire? Is it “the good within you”? Is it “the Millennium”? Each of these is widely taught — yet none is right! The shocking TRUTH is here made PLAIN! WHY cannot the …

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Lazurus and the Rich Man

DO SAVED mothers up in heaven see the writhing and hear the shrieks of their own lost children down in hell? Stop and think! Would you really want to spend eternity in a heaven where you would be forced to gaze constantly upon your own loved ones who were lost, …

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Life After Death

Do you have an IMMORTAL SOUL? Do the dead know what the living are doing? Does suicide “end it all”? Will you meet departed loved ones again? Did departed ones “pass away” to heaven or hell? WHY THIS MYSTERY about life after death? WHY so many beliefs of so many …

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Never Before Understood: Why Humanity Cannot Solve Its Evils

Today nuclear weapons threaten human extinction. Why? What happens now? WHY DO we lack the know-how to solve world troubles — or even problems between individuals? WHY? Scientists have said, “Given sufficient knowledge, we will solve all problems, remove all human evils.” In the decade of the sixties, Dr. Clark …

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Pagan Holidays or God’s Holy Days: Which?

Does it make any difference which days we observe — or whether we keep them? Does the Bible establish whether we are to keep certain days holy to God? Were these days given to ancient Israel only? Are they binding today only on the Jewish people, while Christians are commanded …

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Predestination: Does the Bible Teach It?

Is your ultimate fate decided for you in advance? No subject has baffled, perplexed, and worried people more. Here, for the first time, many will read the astonishing truth, so plain all can understand. THE very fact of wartime casualties and accidental deaths has caused a great deal of added …

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